The 2019 Hurricane Season looks to be a bit quieter than past years, and that’s a good thing.

The first forecast for the year was released by TSR in December, which predicted a slightly below-average season in 2019, with a total of 12 named storms, 5 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes, due to the anticipated presence of El Niño conditions during the season.

Did you make the list?
The following list of names will be used for named storms that form in the North Atlantic in 2019. The names not retired from this list will be used again in the 2025 season. This is the same list used in the 2013 season, with the exception of the name Imelda, which replaced Ingrid.

Andrea (unused)
Barry (unused)
Chantal (unused)
Dorian (unused)
Erin (unused)
Fernand (unused)
Gabrielle (unused)
Humberto (unused)
Imelda (unused)
Jerry (unused)
Karen (unused)
Lorenzo (unused)
Melissa (unused)
Nestor (unused)
Olga (unused)
Pablo (unused)
Rebekah (unused)
Sebastien (unused)
Tanya (unused)
Van (unused)
Wendy (unused)

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