Port Orange’s Best Cheeseburger

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Love a great cheeseburger? Here’s your Best Bet in Port Orange, It’s the San Diego Grill at the Pavilion. If you haven’t yet tried San Diego Grill, there’s something for everyone. Steaks, seafood sandwiches and salads and don’t forget the best cheeseburger in Port Orange. A manager told me it’s hand pattied fresh angus chuck, never frozen. Have it your way. You get a free side and I highly recommend the hand battered onion rings.


It’s not surprising that the San Diego Grill is owned by the same folks at Monterrey Grill and the Malibu Beach Grill. And that’s your Best Bet for a cheeseburger in Port Orange. Check out the menu and customer reviews at www.sandiegogrill.net

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  1. All three used to be owned by the same group. San Diego Grill is operating on its own, totally apart from the other two.

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